Wednesday, 9 February 2011

You Look Gorgeous Today

Each day on my way to work, I walk past a lovely little cafe. It’s called The Hungry Pumpkin, and is a tiny, extremely friendly place that serves gorgeous coffee.

But the best thing about this cafe isn’t the coffee, or the chocolate brownies, or even the smiley people behind the counter, it’s this sign which they have standing outside:

What a lovely way to spread a bit of love. Every time I walk past, it gives me a little boost. I stand a little straighter, and feel a little happier, and think yes, you’re right, I am gorgeous.

The question that then strikes me is this:

Why do I need something external to make me feel good?

Why can't I just know this, and feel it all the time? Now that's something to work on. In the meantime, I'll keep walking past the board :)

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