Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Living as if

The post it on my desk today reads

"Live as if"

I spend so much time thinking that everything will be great when I've moved house, everything will be great when I've finished my exams, everything will be great when I've finally caught up on sleep, everything will be great when I have the mythical perfect body, everything will be great when..........and when all of these things are done, then I will feel like a million dollars.

The problem with this is that I've been thinking the same thing for years!

Only as soon as I get something from the list, something else gets added to the bottom.

So everything is never great, I never feel a million dollars, and I always feel like I'm waiting for life to start.

But what if I were to get rid of all the whens and start living now. Start living as if I've got everything I want.

Buy myself gorgeous clothes as if I've got the most amazing body that I want.

Buy a pretty new cushion for the lounge as if it's the house of my dreams.

Treat myself as if I already have all the things on my list, as if I am gorgeous, as if I already deserve wonderful things.

I will never have everything that I want, but that doesn't have to stop me being everything I want.

I can stop waiting for life to start, and realise that it already has.

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