Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Post it Notes

So I have to admit that this act of kindness is not of my own making, but is shamelessly plundered (but in a nicer way than how pirates would go about it) from the most awesomely awesome Operation Beautiful.

It's such a simple idea, and so beautiful.

And it goes like this.

There are many many people out there, and you may be one of them, and I certainly am, who don't always appreciate how beautiful or how amazing or just generally how fantastic they are.

So, you take a post it note, and write something on it. Things like:

"You're BEAUTIFUL! (Yes, you!)"


"Be good, be sweet, BE YOURSELF"

"Makeup is useless on you, you're beautiful already"

"You are WONDERFUL!"

Basically, as long as it's happy and uplifting and designed to make a special person feel all warm and fuzzy inside then go for it.

And then stick it somewhere. Anywhere. I like to stick them on mirrors in public toilets, also on cash machines, on the little boxes you press to get the green man to turn on so you can cross the road (what are they called?), on postboxes, on the back of toilet doors...

Because I'm a bit of a wimp I tend to only do it when I'm fairly confident no one will see. But I'm working on that.

And then walk off and leave it. And let some other beautiful person find it and be reminded how utterley gorgeous they are.

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