Thursday, 3 February 2011

Random Acts of Kindness



This is my space to talk about anything that I feel like talking about.

Largely I will probably talk about a mission that's been brewing in my mind for sometime now. I think it started the day I dropped a twix into a postbox.

My mission is to bring a little bit more love and sparkliness into the world, or at least into my little corner of it, through Random Acts of Kindness.

This one particular day in the middle of December it was very cold, and icy, and snowy, and I was feeling sorry for anyone who had to go outside. So I dropped some chocolate into the postbox for the postman to find.

I don't know if the postman was just confused (though I did stick a post it on the twix saying "Have a nice day :)" to try and alleviate some of the possibly inevitable confusion), or maybe they thought it was a prank, or maybe, just maybe, it made them smile. And if it did that, then mission accomplished.

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